Your free turtle towel

May 2, 2020

Corona virus has brought us lots of changes privately and in business as well. I hope you are ok, healthy, staying in positive-minded, focused on what can be done. We are working, we are available for any commercial questions you have, for accepting the orders, preparing inquiries and other communication.

Our printing and weaving production has slowed down just for approximately week or two and we warmly hope to continue producing with normal speed soon, namely, we had to adjust working places to a safe mode for our production team.So for the moment there are no big delays, and orders can be proceesed normally.

In last weeks when business has slowed down, we had time to think of BearDream’s impact in our lives – on the world. We are proud to be part of sustainable thinking and producing only 100 % cotton towels.

We present you our thoughts on a TURTLE TOWELS, on which you will be able to read more about the impact people have on the nature by using natural or plastic textile.

Feel invited to ORDER YOUR FREE TURTLE TOWEL and share good message with your friend. Together we are strong.