Why choose 100 % cotton towels?

Apr 12, 2020

The touch of the towel is soft and nurturing, it does not upset our skin in any way, while at the same time our relationship to nature remains respectful. 

But now the market is being flooded with towels made from polyester and microfibre which are plastic! Together with other plastic waste they are upsetting the balance in nature… And because nature cannot speak with words, it brings chaos and disasters we cannot control in order to rebalance itself. My dear friends, now is the time to contribute not only for our own health but the general balance in life. We all know harmful plastic should be the thing of the past, so why buy and use a towel made of plastic?

Some people seem to not know the difference. Not only do plastic towels not feel as good on the human skin, we repeat, they are not good for Mother Nature either… That is why at BearDream we think of health, life and what is best for Her… Not only do we invest into ourselves and the quality of life when we choose cotton, we also respect and honor our natural environment. 

The purpose of this brochure is to share the message – for you and for nature – in order to maintain the quality and balance of life. We are not afraid to speak up about the things that matter to us. It may seem simple and that’s because it is! Choose cotton instead of plastic. It makes a huge difference.

In last weeks when business has slowed down, we had time to think of BearDream’s impact in our lives – on the world. We are proud to be part of sustainable thinking and producing only 100 % cotton towels.

We present you our thoughts on a TURTLE TOWELS, on which you will be able to read more about the impact people have on the nature by using natural or plastic textile.

Feel invited to ORDER YOUR FREE TURTLE TOWEL and share good message with your friend. Together we are strong.