We present you our thoughts on a TURTLE TOWELS, on which you will be able to read more about the impact people have on the nature by using natural or pla-stic textile.

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a true masterpiece in promotion

One of the leading product for promotion is a beach towel! From May to September, if not even longer, everyone loves a good time at the sea or the pool, the lake. Summertime is the best time for a vacation somewhere close to water, with our friends and family. And that is also the best time to bring along our favorite towels.



The touch of the towel is soft and nurturing, it does not upset our skin in any way, while at the same time our relationship to nature remains respectful.

But now the market is being flooded with towels made from polyester and microfibre which are plastic! Together with other plastic waste they are upsetting the balance in nature… And because nature cannot speak with words, it brings chaos and disasters we cannot control in order to rebalance itself.

It is the time to contribute not only for our own health but the general balance in life. It is nice to be kind to eachother and to the nature..


Everyone wants to save some money. But in our pursuit of savings, there are some areas where we shouldn’t skimp. When buying cheap polyester – microfiber – plastic towels at the end you spend more money, after you realize it does not serve as well…

We invite you to think about it once again and rather than saving a few euros, choose qua-lity towels that will be there for you in the times you get wet!


WE ARE PROUD to be part of sustainable thinking and producing only 100 % cotton towels.



about harmful polyester – microfiber towels

These fibers contribute to ocean plastic pollution in a subtle but pervasive way: The fabrics they make — along with synthetic-natural blends — leach into the environment just by being washed. Estimates vary, but it’s possible that a single load of laundry could release hundreds of thousands of fibers from our clothes into the water supply.

Microplastics can be toxic to wildlife on their own, but they can also act like sponges, so-aking up other toxins in the water. Worse, they can be ingested by all sorts of marine wildli-fe and accumulate in the food chain. A recent study found around 73 percent of fish caught at mid-ocean depths in the Northwest Atlantic had microplastic in their stomachs. That is why at BearDream we produce only 100 % cotton printed towels. Join us, along with nature.


the wildlife in our oceans

It might seem like there’s an easy solution to the problem of our textile shedding plastic: Just buy natural fibers, or fewer clothes overall. But it shouldn’t be a luxury to be environmen-tally conscious.

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