Our job is to protect the wildlife

Mar 16, 2020

It might seem like there’s an easy solution to the problem of our textile shedding plastic: Just buy natural fibers, or fewer clothes overall. But it shouldn’t be a luxury to be environmentally conscious. Often, cotton towels are affordable towels as well. Ask for light cotton fabrics, save with packaging, transport and buy at producers directly. For a solution to be effective, it needs to be accessible to everyone. 

In last weeks when business has slowed down, we had time to think of BearDream’s impact in our lives – on the world. We are proud to be part of sustainable thinking and producing only 100 % cotton towels.

We present you our thoughts on a TURTLE TOWELS, on which you will be able to read more about the impact people have on the nature by using natural or plastic textile.

Feel invited to ORDER YOUR FREE TURTLE TOWEL and share good message with your friend. Together we are strong.