Collection: Bedding

Unicolor bedding

100 % COTTON

Whatever bedding selection and colors suit your marketing concept, BearDream ensures you 100 % cotton fine yarn with quality confectioning and stitching. Promote your brand with some fine embroidery and your customers will feel like they are sleeping on a cotton cloud! Very strong weaving makes it easy to use for a long time, even after many washings.

Our bedding is made with 100 % cotton and percale 200 per inch. Soft and durable material. Choose between 9 colors.

parcale 200


There are many sizes available for all our bedding products. Choose the ones that fit you and your brand best. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 box of each product.

Weight of each box is cca. 13 kg, and on top there will be a sticker with the name and size of your bedding, along with the number of pieces inside the box.

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Pillow cases

Article Sizes MOQ pcs/box
BSPC40x40 40x40 cm 80 80
BSPC50x60 50x60 cm 70 70
BSPC50x70 50x70 cm 60 60
BSPC50x80 50x80 cm 60 60
BSPC60x80 60x80 cm 50 50
BSPC70x80 70x80 cm 50 50
BSPC80x80 80x80 cm 40 40

Flat sheet

Article Sizes MOQ pcs/box
BSFL160x280 160x280 cm 15 15
BSFL220x280 220x280 cm 10 10
BSFL240x280 240x280 cm 10 10
BSFL260x280 260x280 cm 9 9

Duvet covers

Article Sizes MOQ pcs/box
BSDC140x200 140x200 cm 10 10
BSDC150x200 150x200 cm 10 10
BSDC160x200 160x200 cm 10 10
BSDC155x210 155x210 cm 10 10
BSDC200x200 200x200 cm 8 8
BSDC200x220 200x220 cm 8 8
BSDC240x220 240x220 cm 7 7

Fitted sheet

Article Sizes MOQ pcs/box
BSFI90x200 90x200 cm 15 15
BSFI160x200 160x200 cm 10 10
BSFI180x200 180x200 cm 10 10
BSFI200x200 200x200 cm 9 9

Personalization: embroidery.

Any logo, text or illustration can be applied to your bedding with fine embroidery.

Place of use: at home, in hotels, apartments...