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Printed velour towels


Long lasting printed velour towels will definitely find their way into your customers luggage to take on a vacation. With a beautiful printed design this towel will be a great promotion, at the pool or at the beach in the hot summer days.

There is almost no limit in creating a design for a velour towel.

Its smooth surface allows us to print even the smallest of details... That is why we can print any photo, illustration, complex graphics or simple logos on these towels. You can choose any pantone color for your design, as many as you want.

Your chosen colors and design will be permanently applied with our reactive printing technology that creates a very sharp resolution - up to 720dpi.

Feel free to create your best design and we will print it on your new promotional velour towels.





Choose between our standard or superior material. *Standard material is simpler & cheaper with a short cut velour -thinner, slightly harder.
*Superior material is high quality velour with a long cut - made with very soft Italian fabric. Both standard and superior velour towels have terry material on the other side (for extra absorbency). All our towels are made with love and 100 % cotton.

standard velour 350 gsm
standard velour 420gsm

superior velour 360 gsm
superior velour 450 gsm


Choose your own size, from the smallest 30x50 cm to the biggest towel 100x200 cm.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the size of the towel. For example for a towel in the size of 70x140 cm the MOQ is 100 pieces - for smaller towels the minimum quantity is higher than for bigger towels.

PRV30x5030x50 cm600 pcs
PRV50x10050x100 cm200 pcs
PRV70x14070x140 cm100 pcs
PRV75x15075x150 cm100 pcs
PRV100x150100x150 cm100 pcs
PRV100x180100x180 cm80 pcs
PRV100x200100x200 cm80 pcs

Each towel is folded inside a polybag and safely packed in a box, sized 40x60x40 cm. Weight of each box is 13 kg, and on top there will be a sticker with the name and size of your towel, along with the number of pieces inside the box.

Delivery time:
Standard material 3-4 weeks
Superior material: 4-6 weeks

30x50 cm200 pcs
50x100 cm50 pcs
70x140 cm30pcs
75x150 cm25 pcs
100x150 cm20 pcs
100x180 cm15 pcs
100x200 cm10 pcs