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Border jacquard towels


Custom made jacquard towel with a personalised border where up to 4 colors can be used. The rest of the towel is in one color, that can be defined with any official pantone color. A delicate way to promote your companies logo!

We recommend simple designs like short text or logos. Your brand's design will be weaved into the border of the towel, with up to 4 colors.

You can choose any Pantone color. Feel free to create a great design and we will weave it into your new jacquard towels.



You can choose between different gsm on our superior terry or velour material. They are all made with high quality double yarn weaving. Very absorbent and durable, made with love and 100% cotton.

from 400 to 600 gsm

from 400 to 600 gsm


Choose your own size, from the smallest 30x50 to the biggest 90x180 cm. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the size, the gsm and the material of a towel (terry or velour). *pcs = pieces


Article Size gsm MOQ
JBT30x50 30x50 cm 450 2815 pcs
JBT50x100 50x100 cm 450 840 pcs
JBT70x140 70x140 cm 450 430 pcs
JBT90x160 90x160 cm 450 290 pcs
JBT100x150 100x 150 cm 450 280 pcs
JBT100x180 100x180 cm 450 235 pcs


Article Size gsm MOQ
JBV30x50 30x50 cm 450 2520 pcs
JBV50x100 50x100 cm 450 756 pcs
JBV70x140 70x140 cm 450 358 pcs
JBV90x160 90x160 cm 450 262 pcs
JBV100x150 100x 150 cm 450 252 pcs
JBV100x180 100x180 cm 450 210 pcs

Each towel is folded inside a polybag and safely packed in a box, sized 40x60x40 cm. Weight of each box is 13 kg, and on top there will be a sticker with the name and size of your towel, along with the number of pieces inside the box.

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Sizes gsm pcs/box
30x50 cm 450 150
50x100 cm 450 50
70x140 cm 450 25
90x160 cm 450 20
90x180 cm 450 18
100x 150 cm 450 15
100x180 cm 450 12