Beach towel – a true masterpiece in promotion

Apr 25, 2020

The leading product for promotion is yes – you’ve guessed it – a beach towel! From May to September, if not even longer, everyone loves a good time at the sea or the pool, the lake. Summertime is the best time for a vacation somewhere close to water, with our friends and family. And that is also the best time to bring along our favorite towels. 

And why not bring along the ones with the most beautiful colors, towels with a unique design, and a signature of our favorite brands. Just think of the exposure these kinds of towels get when displayed on the beach for everyone to see. 

So we invite you now, to contact us with your idea – what are your company’s colors? What is your company’s passion to share with the world?  We will help you spread your message through something as simple as a beach towel! A beautiful design goes a long way. We all know what it’s like to see a cute towel at the beach and think to ourselves, “I wish I had one just like it.”

Uni colored towels are great at home, but why not have something truly unique for our customers to bring along with them to their summer vacations.