Intensive testing of our towel done by Swiss client

November 05, 2014

Reason why BearDream towel stayed the same after using it many times are three: fabric, colors and technology.  100 % cotton ring spoon yarn, Dystar procion PC reactive printing colors with Oekotex Standard 100 and unique Chromojet digital reactive printing technology are perfect combination that ensures permanent coloring of a fiber. In other...[more]

Do your promo gifts fit into your customer’s lifestyle?

October 07, 2014

It is in marketer's hands, to think thoroughly about best idea for promotional gift and to support sales. We should take into account life manners of people, receiving gifts deciding where will they be using them. For example at home in the kitchen, bathroom, in the car, in office… It is also essential to think about desigh, logo, colors, material,… it...[more]

2014 Bear Dream collection at PSI

December 20, 2013

We present you news: Classic towels has 5 new trendy promotional colors: lime (175), aqua (160), dark grey (222), purple (124), light yellow (020). Classic towels are soft to touch, high absorbent, with wide border in total 21 promotional colors.  Comfort towels – new towel line. Made of 100 % cotton, 400 g /m2 , with comfortable and...[more]

Welcome to refreshed Beardream website

October 09, 2013

Our goal was to make your job easier. This has led us to build the website that will support you at your sales and promotional activities. You will find some new things: acces to photo archive,access to original newsletter archive (photos, pdf, ads in open files),complete product data including new products, direct e- inquiries for each product,PDF...[more]

Idea, how to keep customers close to your brand in their kitchen?

September 13, 2013

People working in marketing are trying hard to find a way to stay connected to customers also in their free time. Towels in general do offer this kind of communication when you pay attention on the right material, quality and design.  Bear Dream kitchen towels are soft to touch, high absorbent and made of terry, 100 % cotton. That’s...[more]

The strongest advantage that marketers have pointed out about promotional towels is…

September 12, 2013

Well, successful marketers have! They examined one day in a men’s and women’s life. Besides breakfast, coffee and a kiss we start the day with tooth brush, toothpaste and a towel. Then we put on clothes, shoes, go to work or stay home. During the whole day we wash our hands several times and dry it with a towel again. After work we use a towel when...[more]

Cosy, practical and enjoyable!

July 25, 2013

Touch on the skin after taking a bath or after sauna does matter. Bathrobes made of 100% cotton offer the most pleasurable feeling and keep the body warm. Your customers will use them every day at home and on holidays.  Taking care about your message is important. Bathrobe is special. It prefers soft and gentle design. Very discreet logo that fits...[more]

Promote to be promoted

June 20, 2013

You can choose from most wanted summer collection: printed beach towel, kids poncho and towel bag. From praxis, printed beach towel is known as the king on the beach. It certainly catches the biggest attention and it is soft for maximum self-indulging. It provides up to nearly 2 m2 space for your brand and marketing message on. In addition almost any...[more]

Touch of a towel on your skin does matter!

June 05, 2013

No matter which sport they do, indoor or outdoor, they always bring their towel along. Sport or ordinary towel, both are good, as long as a towel is made of 100 % natural material, namely 100 % cotton. But if they own a sport towel, they will prefer to use it. Printed promotional towels are likely to be used at sports. Creating fashionable design with...[more]

Beach towel is top summer promotional gift

May 22, 2013

People like to use beach towels at home and especially on public places such as swimming pools, on the beach, on sport events... Your brand will be exposed often which brings new marketing potential to you. If you are looking for a beach towel with double marketing potential, choose printed towel bag. Be seen on the beach and on the way to the beach. Are...[more]

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