March 07, 2017

Inspired by Slovenian nature – natural spectacle

Europe’s first green country, mind-blowing nature, natural water springs, spas, never ending vineyards, hospitable people, delicious food… In one word: Slovenia.

Recently declared Europe’s first green country, Slovenia offers an amazing nature full of rivers, lakes, coasts, fresh green woods, breath-taking mountains, natural spas and natural water springs. For many people it is a beautiful touristic destination, a source of the health, but for us, it is home. Nature is in our blood, this is our way of thinking, acting and living.

Feel, smell and touch our nature!

By BearDream products you can almost breathe and touch Slovenia’s unspoiled nature. Slovene people are nature lovers, always hiking, traveling across the country and getting to know the beautiful landscapes, the breathtaking nature. So are we by BearDream: we care and provide a natural touch in home and sport textile. Can you imagine hiking and filling your bottle by a natural pure water spring? It does taste like real nature. Can you smell the natural fiber in BearDream towels as well? If you prefer spas, we also have a lot of natural hot springs, high class spas. Do you want to dip your feet in the sea? No problem, we have a beautiful coast where you can show off your natural printed BearDream towel. 

Slovenia is also a country of progress, where many successful stories happened. One of them is the story of BearDream, a reactive printing factory in Celje with the latest technology, where textile pioneers and home textile experts lead a complex production where magic happens: towels with your favourite design on. And according to Slovenia’s main caracteristics, also BearDream goes along with nature: they take care of people using only 100% natural cotton. 

Modern reactive printing technology 

Your design can be as you wish: if you would like a discrete, simple logo, we can do it, if you prefer a nice picture, it is also realisable. Slovene nature is very picturesque. It is fascinating to contemplate all the trees and plants, the lakes and rivers, the animals in the woods and water. That is exactly what motivated us to make a further step and develop a high quality printing image: 360 dpi resolution. If you are wondering how does this look like, just look outside your window, because 360 dpi is almost like real life. See it for yourself, your towel will be a classic and at the same time modern gift. We are talking about an item that joins nature and the latest technology resulting into a good promotional gift you and your clients will love to use.

What about people’s lifestyle

Do you often catch yourself daydreaming, thinking of your clients and how to keep them close to you? We already have a good solution. Our home textile will make them think of you the whole day. Picture your clients waking up in your bedding, putting on a soft bathrobe with your logo, washing their bodies and drying their skin with with your towel, playing sports with your marketing message exposed, reading in the heavenly cosiness of your blanket, going to the spa and using your sauna kilt, their children using your kids hooded towel and going back to sleep, lying down in your bedding again. Your gift will match your people’s lifestyle: you can chose between different models such as towels, bathrobes, kilts, kids hooded towels and ponchos. Wether you chose an elegant or sporty model, with a casual or luxurious look, the choice is yours, as you know your clients best.

A natural spectacle

We have seen all colors in nature, all tones through all four seasons: calming and warm earthy tones in autumn, pure white, browns and greens in winter and bright, shiny colors in spring and summer. It is really a natural spectacle. We believe nature offers so many colors, so we have to respect them. This is why by BearDream your design can be in your pantone color. Your clients will feel your brand in bright colors shining on an extremely soft and natural surface. Your colors will be permanently fixed, the printing with a resolution of 360 dpi will be on one side or both, the towel will be perfectly sewed, it can also have your label and what is more, your towel will be made of 100% natural cotton fiber and washed several times: ready to use! 

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