March 30, 2016

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of questions we are often asked. If yours is not on the list, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Is my design suitabe for velour or terry?

If your design is a simple logo, then we can print it on terry or velour. If your design is a complex image, a photo, then we suggest velour material.

Whats the main difference between terry and velour?

Terry material has absorbant loops on both sides, while velour has loops on the back side and the front side, where we print the logo, the loops are cut off making the material soft and smooth, similar to velvet.

Can the back side of a printed terry be other than white?

Usually, the backside is white. If you wish to have it in another color, then it’s considered as a 2-side printed towel. In this case we print on heavy terry or heavy velour.

How big can the largest embroidery be?

The largest embroidery we made was about 40 cm wide. However, if the client needs a larger logo, we suggest printed towels.

Do you make microfiber towels?

We produce only 100 % natural cotton fiber towels. We are nature’s friends and we believe that only 100 % cotton is good for the body.

Can you print on unicolor towel?

Yes, but only transfer print.

Are your towels suitable for children?

Yes. In fact, our towels are very appropriate for children, as they are made of only 100 % natural cotton fiber. They are soft, gentle, pleasant to the touch and children love them.

Can you make compressed towels?

Yes, we can make compressed towels in different sizes and shapes.

Does the number of colors in printed towel matter?

No, it doesn’t.

How do I make sure the design will be positioned as I wish?

For this purpose, we prepare a towel preview for our clients to confirm the position of the design on the towel. When the towel preview is confirmed, we go on with the mass production.

What kind of designs are suitable for printed blankets?

Any kind of designs.

Why chosing reactive printed towels?

The reactive printing technique preserves the towel’s basic component (100 % COTTON). Even after the printing process, the towel stays 100 % cotton. Here’s why: in the production process, reactive dyes penetrate deep into the cotton fabric. The dye colors the fabric and it stays there forever. The colors are permanently fixed so they do not wash off. This technique allows us a printing resolution of 360 dpi.

In which format do I need to send the logo?

For the design preparation we need your design in vector file, saved in pdf. Resolution of photo design must be min 360 / 720 dpi.

Where can I see the production process?

Feel welcome in our factory, in Celje. We will be happy to have you and to show you what we can achieve. If you prefer to see the process from your desk, just follow this link:

Can you make round towels?

Yes, we can. Come to our stand and see our tasty pizza towel!

How many colors can you put on multicolor and border jacuard?

Multicolor jacquard towels can be in 2 colors in the same vertical line, while border jacquard border towels can have up to 4 colors on the border.

Do you make towels out of your standard sizes / weight?

Yes, it is possible.

MOQ for unicolor towels?

We do not have minimum quantities for unicolor towels.

Can you make custom/neutral labels?

Yes. We can make custom labels with your logo or neutral labels with only the washing instructions on.

How many colors can a custom label have?

Custom labels have normaly 1 or 2 colors. However, the maximum number of colors we put on a custom label was 6.

Is reactive printing technique the same as / comparable to sublimation?

No. It is not comparable at all. It is simply DIFFERENT, even if the prices are close. The main difference between BearDream quality and sublimating printed towels is in the fiber and dyeing process:


• Sublimation printed towels – PLASTIC FIBER

Do you have gift boxes?

Yes, we do. We offer two possibilities: ribbed or simple boxes, with a window foil or without it.

Is it possible to order under MOQ?

With jacquard it is not possible, with printed towel it is.

Jacquard – possible per pantone?

Yes, we produce all jacquard towels with your pantone color.

Do you print colors in requested pantone?

Yes. This way the printed logo will look just like yours.

How do I make sure the design will be positioned as I wish?

For this purpose, we prepare a towel preview for our clients to confirm the position of the design on the towel. When the towel preview is confirmed, we go on with the mass production.

Do colors wash off printed towels?

No, they don’t. During the production process, the towel is exposed to saturated steam at 102°C that makes the reactive dyes and the cotton become one. This is called permanent color fixation. Thanks to this process, colors do not wash off.



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