March 30, 2016

In nature we trust.

100 % cotton is our first thought when thinking of health, life and what is best for the Earth. Step by step, day by day.

As Jules Renard said, »on Earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it«. Nature provides us with the heavenly raw material: COTTON. During the production process we turn this natural cotton fiber into a very useful product, a promotional towel, keeping the basic components (100% cotton) and adding water-based colorings which are environmentally and human friendly. After many years of use, we return the towel to nature: it decomposes, as it’s environmentally friendly. And the circle is completed.

Providing your customers with a piece of nature means taking care of them. Drying your body with a 100 % cotton towel is a great experience we can include in our daily care routine. With your promotional towel, you will not only pamper your customers, but they will also promote your brand in a different, nature-friendly way. Using cotton towels as a promotional gift is an investment, as they have a very long life expectancy and thanks to permanent color fixation, your artwork printed on the towel will live for a very long time.

Feel it, smell it and you will know why cotton.


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