March 30, 2016

What's new, BearDream?

Reborn printed velour towels, new models in unicolor programme, 14 fresh fashioned colors, exceptional softness and more…

Bringing freshness into our assortiment is the main thing when it comes to making our clients happy. This year we included many new products and developed some new colors, at the same time we kept the same quality and stayed nature’s friends: we stick to 100 % COTTON.

If you are looking for a gift that will boost your promotion, we invite you to get inspired by our following new products.

Hotel towel

Many of our clients expressed the need for hotel towels, so voilà – BearDream professional hotel towels are already in stock. These highly absorbant 450 gsm hotel towels with double stitches are resistant to many washes. By that you will make your guest’s experience unforgettable.


Quick-dry towel

Sometimes we prefer choosing light towels we can carry anywhere we go. This is why we designed quickdry towels: 330 gsm towels in white, which are light to carry, absorbant and made for many purposes. Our models include kitchen, sport, bath and sauna towels, also sauna kilts for him and her and cosy bathrobes, also for him and for her.


Piped border towel

Light towel with striking finishing is suitable for sport activities, in wellness and spa, for everyday in the kitchen and bathroom and even for children and babies. Towels are made of light terry or velour, 330 gsm, 100 % cotton. To personalize, we suggest embroidery.


Printed waffle

The reactive printed waffle is very light and absorbant. With improved fiber and its 250 gsm, a 100 % cotton towel like this can become your client’s faithful assistant at sports or in the kitchen.


Economy towel

New colors, new quality yarn, exceptional softness, same name. These 11 glowing colors will give your or your client’s home an extra fresh look. Would you like your promotion to glow as well?


Waffle towel

Plain white, absorbant, useful for many activities and very light, just 250 gsm. Waffle towels not only look very classy in your home, but they also allow you to put any logo embroidered no matter the colors. With this quality you will enjoy being at home or relaxing at the spa.


Double color towel

A towel that breaks with the unicolor towel concept. It is very rich: with its 500 gsm and two-colored smart casual look it will make a strong impression on your clients. Choose between three color combinations and three sizes.


Kids hooded towel

With kids hooded towels you will become part of children’s and parent’s life. Imagine them pampering their children, trusting you and your chosen quality to dry their bodies and wrap them after a hot bath. This playful 360 gsm towel will bring the fun into your children care routine.

Reborn printed velour towel

Velour material has its special place by offering luxurious touch. It is suitable for complex and photo designs and what is more, on this material we can achieve a resolution of 360 dpi. On this material your photo design will look amazing and details will be easily distinguished.


Exceptionnal softness

After years of research and tests made, we now have achieved exceptional softness. Now you can have your design on a towel, not only with the sharpest resolution of 360 dpi, but also with extreme softness, because touch does matter.


Fresh fashioned colors

Colors inspire us to feel peace, serenity, love and pleasure. They can also tell a lot about ourselves and our brand. Choosing the right color for a promotional towel has great importance. This is why at BearDream we reflect nature, by using it’s colors in our assortiment with 14 new colors added in 2015.


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