March 30, 2016

Pioneering in reactive printed towels. This is what we do!

To bring new generation printed towels to the European market was our goal in 2015, one we successfully achieved. The result is a towel named Along With Nature. Now we go on and promise to surprise you at the end of 2016 as well.

The 100 % velour cotton towel with 360 dpi resolution exists on the market since February 2015, and it was produced exclusively by BearDream. It is the result of a long period of constant development which hasn’t ended yet. Behind this towel there is a complex reactive printing process supported by textile experts in reseach & development department in order to even improve it.

The reactive printing process is composed by many stages. It starts with the preparation of the design, and continues with dyeing the fabric where your design is applied. The heart of reactive printing technology is steaming with saturated steam at 102 °C in which colors are permanently fixed and so cotton and colors become one, this way colors do not wash off even after using and washing towels again and again.After the color is fixed, the towels are washed 2 or 3 times and tumbled to achieve exceptional softness. After this, the towel is dried, sewed by the long side and by the width. At the same time, the label is sewed on. Before we hand the towels to our clients, there’s a quality control and packing.

Our Along With Nature towel is in fact a completely new product, comparable to BearDream previous quality only in terms of usage. It feels totally different to the touch as it’s extremely soft, the resolution of 360 dpi is incredible and it’s 100 % natural cotton fiber. We even developed thin material 330 gsm that is amazing and besides high quality also price friendly and light to carry.

BearDream Along With Nature towel: the towel of the new generation - the cherry on top of your promotion.

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