November 16, 2015


With the new BearDream hotel towel it's easy to make your guest's experience unforgettable.

A professional towel for hotels, appartments, spas and wellness centers. Simple striped border design, highly resistant and absorbant.

It is always nice staying at a lovely hotel, where we can enjoy a comfortable bed, soft and clean bed sheets and high quality towels or relax and enjoy a day at an intimate spa. All of this makes part of the client's experience which he will keep in mind for a long time. 

BearDream hotel towels are made of 100 % natural cotton fiber. With their 450 gsm texture and double stitches, they are resistant to many washes. Expose your logo with a discrete embroidery and make a unique towel out of these classic models.

Hotel towels are in fact towels in four sizes and a bath mat in 750 gsm. These towels are very similar, therefore we differienciate them by the number of stripes on the border: the guest towel has one stripe on the border, the hand towel has two stripes, the bath towel three and the maxi bath towel four. As you see, every towel has it's purpose and as they are white they fit into every bathroom. 

Keep your guests coming back pampering them with BearDream hotel towels. Different sizes, same quality!

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  • high quality
  • small quantities
  • fast delivery

Reasons TO CHOOSE a towel or a blanket

  • customized production
  • professional approach
  • high customer service

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