Estonian serenity on 100 % cotton

Can you feel the serenity in this picture? This picture is sure more than that!

 This picture actually represents a piece of nature on a piece of nature – a calm lake on a 100 % cotton towel. Two boats, the small one tied to the big one, just like brothers holding hands. The same happens by BearDream. We always give our customers support holding their hands. Can you also see us walking hand in hand along with nature? Would you like to walk hand in hand with your customers also in their private time? Stay close to them with promotional towels: a useful item in your customer's life, an effective item in your promotion.

Estonian serenity on 100 % cotton

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Reasons TO COOPERATE with Bear Dream

  • high quality
  • small quantities
  • fast delivery

Reasons TO CHOOSE a towel or a blanket

  • customized production
  • professional approach
  • high customer service

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