Reasons to choose a towel or a blanket

High marketing potential, usefulness and freedom to create make towel an outstanding promotional product.

Towels and blankets will support your brand awareness and sales.
Here is why. People, given a towel will be happy and they will love to use it. Your brand or marketing message will be well visible. You will literally touch and wrap your customers in your brand and colours. Furthermore towels and blankets have a long life expectancy and they always find its owner. Do you need more?

We love to develop new products. Based on market analysis, feedback from our customers and our technical capabilities, you are constantly offered new products. Every time we keep in mind that each of them brings new marketing potential and value.

A brand is always well visible, because it is spread all over a towel or a blanket which can be the surface from 16 x 21 cm up to 120 x 180 cm.  What is more... it is exposed often because people use them every day at home or in public places such as swimming pools, on the beach, at sport events,...

With towel you stay connected to your customers also in their private time. You bring them comfort and softness. 

Wrap your customers in YOUR BRAND!

Your Bear Dream team.

Watch our

Reasons TO COOPERATE with Bear Dream

  • high quality
  • small quantities
  • fast delivery

Reasons TO CHOOSE a towel or a blanket

  • customized production
  • professional approach
  • high customer service

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